Intake Farm is just off the Coast to Coast path and a short walk from Littlebeck up past the Chapel.


In order to save walking all the way down the hill into Littlebeck and backup the hill, there is a shortcut across the moor via High and Low Quebec Farms.

After climbing up out of Grosmont and walking across the moor you have to cross the main A169 Pickering-Whitby road. Just to the right (south) of the CtoC path, there is a cattle-gridded track signposted “Private road – Farms only-No Entry”. Follow this track down for about half a mile until it turns sharp right towards High Quebec. Keep on this path through High Quebec and then down to Low Quebec. Walk past the end of the house and turn right onto the track in front of the house (it looks like their lawn but it is the public footpath, it is not used by vehicles any more and so the grass looks like a lawn!) Go through the gate at the end of the track onto some roughish land, walk straight ahead for about quater of a mile and then trun left and go through the gate to your right down to Intake Farm. You can see Intake all the way down from the main road to your right.

If you would rather go down into Littlebeck and do not want to walk up our hill then we can arrange to pick you up at the Chapel if you call.


If driving please be aware that the roads around Littlebeck are very steep with some sharp turns and can be fairly treacherous during the winter months and often impassible in deep snow. If you want to avoid the steepest road enter Littlebeck via Sleights turing past St John’s Church and heading down through Iburndale and Ugglebarnby.

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